Thursday, April 26, 2012


I think i'm ....back........?

I had actually given up, couldn't be bothered, too busy, different interests......whatever.  Now I feel I am getting on top of things (things being my new baby and by baby I mean business) so with a few pushes from a few friends, I might just start up again.  The weirdest part of this whole situation is the thing that inspired me to start writing about food again, was Corned Beef.  I put that with capital letters because I believe it deserves it.  Why? because if you were born in the 80s you would have been served it at least once a month and so therefore becomes something like a national icon for New Zealand.
I remember cringing at the smell and sight of the accompanied boiled cabbage and carrot, smothering it in mustard sauce and thinking if I could just have a piece of bread I could get through this.
As an adult though,  it tastes so god damn good.
Dad, if you are reading this, I will always be a little bit mad at you for making me eat the fat on my corned beef the night before the 40 hour famine.

Anyway, encouragement.  I named this post encouragement because I realised something the other day.  I need it.  My kids need it.  My cat needs it to venture inside while the kids are home.  Some people can carry on life without it.  Think high profile job type people.  Not me.  I needed it to continue writing, for people to tell me they'd cooked it or laughed at it.  Now that I am getting encouragement in other areas I think I'll have another go.

Lets see if I can encourage my kids to eat their Corned Beef.

NB  Not your usual memory, no overcooked vege here.  Just a simple shredded cabbage salad, THE beef and roasted autumn baby beets, carrots and parsnips with a caper vinaigrette.  Yes the vegetables are from my garden.