Monday, May 30, 2011

Escapism - Christmas day

Sophie Dahl is another of my favourite cooks.  Odd to think of her as a cook I know, but what I like most about her show is that she mixes poetry and stories with rustic and mouth watering recipes.  Each episode is classified into moods or themes.  Melancholy, celebratory, nostalgia, selfish, romance and finally escapism.  For me, food is my comfort and whatever I eat has emotional ties.  Whether it be memories of childhood, traveling or just the want to be part of another culture for a day.

So now when winter is almost about to set in, I'm escaping to Christmas day with this effortless trifle...and eating it selfishly out of my own little glass.

Berry and white chocolate custard trifles
Makes 6 individual trifles.

2 c frozen raspberries or boysenberries
10 Sponge finger biscuits
100mls Berry liqueur (I used creme a la Frasise des Boise available from Bel Mondo, Tauranga)
1/2 c homemade or bought berry jam, warmed to slightly runny consistency
White chocolate, to make flakes
500mls custard, homemade or bought
500mls cream, whipped

First put the frozen berries into a small saucepan with a 100mls water and simmer gently until berries are softened.  Be careful not to cook them to a pulp.  Cool.
Pour liqueur and berry liquid into a bowl and add sponge finger biscuits, dipping to soak up the liquids.  Don't leave them in the liquid for too long unless you want super boozy trifles...which I seem to be very good at!
Layer the glasses with sponge finger biscuits, then a tablespoon of warmed jam, berries and custard.  Grate of flake chocolate and layer over the custard.  Layer in that order again if the glass allows finishing with whipped cream.

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