Friday, May 27, 2011

My inspiration, my muse.....Peta Mathias

Back when I was 9 years old Taste of New Zealand was on TV.  I remember being entranced by her fiery charm and seeing her cook the most exotic things....things that are so normal to me now like vanilla bean and saffron.  That coupled with my father influencing me with his own passion for cooking, my venture into cookery began.

I have long been inspired by the one and only Peta Mathias.  She is exactly where I want to be in the future.  Not many people can say they show people how to eat and cook their way around the world for a job!  She is an amazing author, "gastronomad" and television presenter.....  and I'm pleased to say I've met her! well, kind of.  I attended her latest tour, Literary high tea at The Sebel, 2 week old baby in tow.  Lucky for me, my son George was a beacon for her to cast her eyes on and being up the front she talked to myself and George and mentioned him in her speech.  Star struck much??  Anyway, in her speech she had a tip for finding yourself a career you'll be most happy in.  The subjects you were good at in school, find a career that uses those subjects.  For me, English and cookery.  She also suggested when you need to write, lock yourself in your room with a bottle of wine and write.  So thank you Peta, I'm doing it!

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