Saturday, April 2, 2011

From garden to table

One of the key reasons why farmers markets are so popular is the fact that customers know who has grown what they are buying.  In our modern world there is a big issue of eating out of season, food that has traveled from one continent to another and ripened on the way.  This takes out most of the flavour and it is certainly not the way mother nature intended it to taste.  So take a good look next time you shop in a supermarket, look for the stickers - if it's not from your country don't buy it, instead go to your local farmers market and put your money into the pockets of your community.

A sample of what I bought today from the Tauranga Farmers Market;   organic bananas, limes, tomatoes, baby yellow carrots, avocadoes, homemade bhuja mix and a venison, mushroom and parmesan mash pie from Heavenly pies (best tequila hangover cure I should mention..)

Tauranga Farmers Market

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